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Board Member Elections

Congratulations to our 2020 – 2021 Foundation Board Members, elected at our monthly meeting on May 7th.  New board members will start their position on June 13th.  The following parents will be serving as board members:

  • President – Jennifer Hoos
  • Vice President – Jennifer Nibley
  • Co-Secretaries – Amber Brown and Janessa Reed
  • Co-VPs of Finance – Kimberly Kruse and Melissa Simon
  • Co-VPs of PE – Joanna Loughran and Marissa Applegate
  • VP of Science – Julie Rivard
  • Co-VPs of Art – Elijah Dows and Connie Glenn
  • VP of Music – Jessica Leatherwood
  • Co-VPs of Technology – Giselle Beets and Mona Mishra

Thank you to the following outgoing board members for your years of dedication to Rolling Hills Elementary:

  • Tara Cicchelli (President)
  • Karrie Campos (Vice President)
  • Shannon Quintanilla (Secretary)
  • Danelle Dutoit (Finance)
  • Andrea Dominguez (VP of PE)
  • Kirsten Kung (VP of Science)
  • Jane Millard (VP of Music)
  • Christy Cassisa (VP of Music)
  • Shawn Tran (VP of Technology)