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2018-2019 Puma Pledge Sponsors

The Rolling Hills Elementary Foundation would like to offer our sincere appreciation to the platinum, silver, bronze, family, and company donors who have generously supported our 2018-2019 Puma Pledge.

For more information about the Puma Pledge Campaign or to make a donation please visit our Puma Pledge information page.


  • Family of Lillian and Vivian Lewis
Benjamin Jacobs


  • Family of Justin and Kaitlyn Reasoner


  • Family of Jayden and Brandon Llantada
  • Family of Yosif Alhajjaj
  • Family of Brandan and Cayden Grundy
  • Family of Andrew, Peter, and Jane Wiest


Listed by student(s)

Molly Applegate
Rose Ashad
Kalea Barger
Elliet & Camden Barkley
Colette & Laurel Blankman
Isabella Brunelle
Amelia Campos
Nikan & Ideen Asphahani
Tyler Bettencourt
Ethan Brandstein
Ava Cardenas
Sophia Cassisa
Lucas & Max Coullahan
Duc Doan
Nolan Driessen
Lawrence & Briana Duke
Levi Van Eck
Finn & Cooper Ellefsen
Jonathan Falcon
Nicola Ferrante
Brendan Fortune
Guillermo Gamboa
Brooks Garner
Logan Hernandez
Samuel Hovel
Hannah Ivey
Leo and Kai Kaneko
Charlotte Kerr
Fletcher Knorz
Juliana Kruse
Winnie Lai
Mia & Angelina Lannen
Tommy & Jimmy Leatherwood
Yusuke Makino
Shane Martin
Maverick McKeever
Caroline Pennington
Fay Penuliar
Blake & Logan Reed
James & LilyAnn Redfern
Sofie Salinas
Grayson Sigell
Ebie & Caleb Simon
Marcus & Camila Soliz
Emily & Marlee Tedbetts
Noah, Stella, & Fiona Thornes
Paxton & Wes Tran
Zach Tran
Abigail Tu
Sophie and Katie Yamanaka
Quentin Zhu


  • Matching donation #1 made on behalf of the Tu family by Qualcomm
  • Matching donation #2 made on behalf of the Tu family by Qualcomm
  • Matching donation made on behalf of the Hoang family by General Atomics

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