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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week at Rolling Hills will be October 23rd – 27th. Students will participate in the following daily Red Ribbon Week activities that support an anti-drug message.


October 23rd
Character CountsWear RED and demonstrate a Pillar of Character!
October 24th
PerserveranceChoose something that is hard for you and practice it today!
October 25th
Healthy LifeWear your exercise or sports clothes and walk to school today!
October 26th
GoalsTell a friend what you want to do this week or something you want to do when you grow up!
October 27th
Pumas Unite in
Being Drug-Free
Wear your PUMA PRIDE and show your school spirit!


Click HERE to download the flyer. Please direct any questions to Sarah Reid-Brimlow, Red Ribbon Week Coordinator:  redribbonweek@rollinghillsfoundation.org